Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vindskip Ship Concept: Using Hull To Harness Wind Energy

Vindskip (or Windship) is a merchant ship concept designed by the Norwegian designers at Lade AS. The eco-friendly ship concept aims to harness the power of wind to achieve fuel savings of 60 percent while reducing emissions by 80 percent.    

Unlike any other shipping concept launched until now, the Windship utilizes a unique hull design, a symmetrical airfoil design inspired from the Aerospace industry.

vindskip wind ship

According to Gizmag, the patented design of the hybrid ship helps to harness a force akin to aerodynamic lift, pulling the ship along. The symmetrical airfoil, which resembles a ‘normal’ sail, ensures that the “lift” is generated when the wind comes from both port and starboard sides.

The company suggests that a computer navigation system could pull in weather data to plot an optimal course. The ship would use a liquefied natural gas-powered electrical generator for the remainder of its energy requirements and to get going from a standstill.

ွsource : Marine Insight


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