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PREPARATIONS FOR load line survey and safety equip...

PREPARATIONS FOR load line survey and safety equipment survey

All ships must be issued with a load line certificate. The form of the certificate will depend upon the
Assigning Authority as follows:
*  If the certificate is an International Load Line Certificate it shall be in the form prescribed by
the 1966 Convention which is detailed in the IMO publication ‘Load Lines – 2002 Edition’ .
*  If the certificate is a  United Kingdom Load Line Certificate (applicable to UK registered
ships that must comply with the M. S. (Load Line) Regulations 1998) it shall be in the form
prescribed in Schedule 8 of MSN 1752(M)

A ship will be subject to the following surveys:
*  Initial survey before the ship is put into service;
*  Renewal survey at intervals not exceeding five years;  Annual survey within 3 months either way of the *anniversary date of the load line certificate. The
surveyor will endorse the load line certificate on satisfactory completion of the annual survey.
The period of validity of the load line certificate may be extended for a period not exceeding 3 months
or the purpose of allowing the ship to complete its voyage to the port in which it is to be surveyed.
1.                  Check that all access openings at ends of enclosed structures are in good conditions. All dogs, clamps and hinges to be free and well greased. All gaskets and water-tight seals should be crack free. Ensure that the doors open from both sides
2.                  Check all cargo hatches and access to holds for weather tightness
3.                  Check the efficiency and securing of portable beams
4.                  If portable wooden hatch covers are used check that they are in good condition
5.                  If tarpaulins are used at least two should be provided for each hatch and in good condition
6.                  Inspect all machinery space opening on exposed deck
7.                  Check that any manholes and flush scuttles are capable of being made watertight
8.                  Check that all ventilator openings are provided with efficient weathertight closing appliance
9.                  All airpipe should be provided with satisfactory means for closing and opening
10.              Inspect any cargo ports below the freeboard deck and ensure that all of them are watertight
11.              Ensure that non return valves on overboard valves are operating in a satisfactory manner
12.              Side scuttles and openings below the freeboard deck must have efficient internal watertight deadlights
13.              Check that all freeing ports are in satisfactory conditions
14.              All guard-rails and bulwarks should be satisfactory condition
15.            Derust and paint the deck line, loadline marks, load line and the draught marks
   *     *    * 

Cargo ship safety equipment survey(5 years)
An initial survey of cargo ship safety equipment shall include an inspection of the fire safety systems and appliances, life-saving appliances and arrangements except radio installations, the shipborne navigational equipment, means of embarkation for pilots and other equipment to which Chapters II-1, II-2, III and V of the 1974 SOLAS Convention apply, to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the relevant regulations, and they are in satisfactory condition and are fit for the service for which the ship is intended. In addition the fire control plans, nautical publications, lights, shapes, means of making sound signals and distress signals shall also be subject to this survey.
An annual survey shall include a general inspection of the equipment referred to above to ensure that it has been maintained to conform with the provisions of the relevant regulations to ensure that the ship in all respects will remain fit to proceed to sea without danger to the ship or persons on board and that it remains satisfactory for the service for which the ship is intended.
A renewal survey and a periodical survey shall include an inspection of the equipment referred to in the initial survey to ensure that it complies with the relevant requirements of the relevant regulations, is in satisfactory condition and is fit for the service for which the ship is intended

1.                  Inspect all the lifeboat stores and equipment. Overhaul and renew as necessary
2.                  Inspect the lifeboats pay particular attention to buoyancy material and check that the bottom boards and thwarts are not cracked. Repaint the ship’s name and port of registry
3.                  Thoroughly over haul davits, winches and blocks and grease all moving parts. Renew or ‘end for end’ the falls
4.                  When the boats are in water run any lifeboat engines both ahead and astern
5.                  Check that the inflatable liferafts have been serviced within the last 12 months
6.                  Inspect the survival craft portable radio equipment
7.                  Over haul the lifebuoys especially the self ignighting lights and check that they are correctly located
8.                  Examine the life jackets and check they are correctly distributed
9.                  Check expiry dates of pyrotechnics
10.              Test the emergency lighting system
11.              Check fire control plans are posted and still legible
12.              Test the fire/smoke detection system
13.              Test and try out the fire pump including the emergency fire pump
14.              Check fire hoses, nozzles and applicators are in good conditions
15.              Test and overhaul the fixed firefighting system
16.              Overhaul portable and non portable fire extinguishers
17.              Confirm that all remote controls are operable
18.              Overhaul any applicable closing arrangement for ventilators, skylits, doors, funnel spaces and tunnels
19.              Overhaul the fireman’s outfit and recharge the compressed air B.A
20.              Inspect the pilot ladders, pilot hoists if carried
21.              Navigational equipment is also surveyed


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